I am proof you can have it ALL!

The quick version

Hi there! My name is Rashida Joyce and I am here to help you get out of your life-draining career!  Why?

Because no one should be miserable just because it pays the bills.  When you can live your life on your terms, without sacrificing your career or salary…life becomes a WHOLE lot better.

For those who want to learn more about me ......

I lead an ever growing community were I help motivated women build full-time legitimate work-from-home  careers.  For many years, I felt overwhelmed working a traditional 9 to 5 job to support my family.  My high-level position meant a six-figure paycheck which was not something I was soon willing to give up. I had worked hard to get to this place in my career and was grateful for the opportunities. 

But I wasn’t happy.  I couldn’t ignore my inner voice anymore!  I had to go for what I really wanted—a life that didn’t require sacrificing my family time, health, or money. I had a full-time at home career six months after I determined to take control of my life & career.   I didn’t quit my job. My full-time responsibilities were accomplished from home. And I was still commanding my impressive paycheck—without a cut. 

That was four years ago and I am still going strong living a life that I love today. No one should settle for miserable just because it pays the bills.  This is exactly why I created the Career Freedom Project program—to help women everywhere find their way to career happiness. It still amazes me that it all started with a simple plan—one that virtually anyone with desire and commitment can follow and succeed doing!  You too can live the life you long for.  Stop being miserable and find your own Career Freedom Path today!